We want nothing more than to create fantastic ales for you to enjoy.


We're at the beginning of something special


Opened in January 2014 Pokertree Brewing Company is the first brewery in County Tyrone in over three generations. Our aim is to brew superb quality, small batch, handmade beers that use all natural and where possible local ingredients at all times.


In time we plan to produce an range of four ales – all bottle conditioned and open fermented using traditional techniques right here in our own brewery.


Our goal is to encourage people to move away from the bland, soulless lagers which make up the vast majority of beers on offer across Ireland – and to finally give back choice to drinkers.


“I want to enjoy real beer with taste; with aroma, depth and complexity.

I want to drink what I like, not what I am told I should by huge multinational companies with bottomless marketing budgets.

"I want choice and I genuinely believe people right across Ireland want the same. The more I thought about it the more I realised the only way to do that was to start up my own Microbrewery.”


Darren Nugent –  Pokertree Brewing Company.

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