An ale for everyone


We are out to prove that Irish beer can be better.

To do this we plan to brew four different ales – each one hand-brewed in small batches with care and attention using all natural ingredients in our own brewery, right here in County Tyrone.

​Each of our ales uses high quality, locally grown malted barley as well as whole cone hops for the best possible flavour. We use open fermentation tanks for each of our ales and every single one is conditioned in the bottle. That means our ales are not pasteurized, filtered or artificially carbonated – and never will be, that’s a promise.

At the bottom of each of our bottles you will find a small layer of sediment left over from the bottle conditioning process. We are very proud of our sediment. That’s because when you find it you can be sure what you are drinking is an all natural product – ale the way is should be.

We hope you enjoy our ales – and we know you will, because with Pokertree Brewing Company, we believe there’s an ale for everyone.

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