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When we set out to build a brewery in County Tyrone we knew straight away we wanted to brew a beer which would become emblematic of the red and white of the O'Neill County.

After much experimentation we created a beer which we believe is as epic as the Country in which it is brewed, Named after the Red Earl of Tyrone Hugh O'Neill Red Earl Ruby Ale is strong bodied, brooding and full of character.


This is a malt driven beer with tons of caramel flavour from the use of Pale, Crystal and Biscuit malts. It pours an intoxicating deep ruby red in the glass, which comes from the use of small amounts of Roasted Barley and lends a satisfying dryness to the beer.

With 5.5% ABV this is a big red beer with bite.

The sweetness of the malt is pleasantly balanced by an earthy character from the use of traditional hops – Northern Brewer and Fuggles, resulting in a beer that finishes smooth and leaves you wanting to take another sip. Simply delicious.

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